Individual Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy (also referred to as counselling/ one- to-one therapy) at PsyCaD involves consultation between a registered psychologist and a client. Therapy takes place in a confidential and safe place where client and therapist explore the client’s experiences, emotions/ feelings, beliefs and/or behaviours. The therapeutic space can also facilitate working through difficult or significant memories, exploring ways to better understand self and others and work toward the most preferred goals.

The reason for a person seeking therapy is unique to each individual. Some of the concerns people seek therapy for are: trauma, which can be recent or from a long time ago, anxiety, depression and seeking ways to find greater personal fulfilment or growth.

Because the reason for making an appointment with a psychologist is different for each person, the duration of therapy also differs from person to person. Therapy sessions can be from approximately six sessions to several months, depending on the co-constructed goals between client and therapist.

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