Psycho-educational Assessment (7-18 Year Olds)

The Psycho-Educational assessment is a comprehensive cognitive, emotional, behavioural and scholastic assessment aimed at identifying potential l barriers to learning that may be internal (for example emotional or a learning disorder) or external (for example, the effect of poverty on learning and development, social deprivation, the curriculum, peer pressure or relationships with teachers) in order to make appropriate recommendations to parents, teachers, schools and Departments of Education to facilitate the process of academic success.

  • Client presents with a difficulty at school. Areas of difficulty may include, but is not limited to, reading, writing, mathematics, language development, emotional development, learning development, behavioural difficulties.
  • The Assessment aims to understand the cause of the difficulties at school and how changes can be implemented that could increase the clients overall scholastic functioning.
  • Over Two days (6 hours each day, 12 hours in total)

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